East Hampton Democrats



Ashawagh Hall was the place where, on Thursday night, March 27th, the sounds of laughter, Blue Grass music, and happy chatter reverberated throughout the historic building.  About a hundred people listened to an ensemble led by Job Potter, and featuring Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, as folks chose from the many offerings from the array of delicious dishes prepared by committee people and other Springs residents.  The range of foods was dazzling accompanied by wine, beer, soda, and water served up by our own Irving Hirschberg.  The idea for a party to celebrate Springs popped up at one of the committee’s recent regular meetings, with Arline Coulter and Naomi Salz volunteering to take the lead in organizing the event.  In usual Democratic fashion, Larry Mayer designed the flyer that was sent to all on our main list.  The flyer was also printed up for people to distribute in strategic locations.  Town Board member Sylvia Overby and Kathee Burke Gonzalez attended as did Supervisor Cantwell, though none of them performed musically.  The highlight of the evening was Van Scoyoc rendition of his plaintive song about the plight of a male deer in our town, which drew him the title of Mr. Amagansett.  A truly good time was had by all!



Democratic Trustee Deb Klughers and the Litter Committee presented a film at LTV in late March called “Bag It,” which dealt with pervasive presence of plastic in our lives and its destructiveness to the earth.   Although the film was well publicized and very informative only about twenty-five people attended, including Ms. Klughers and Councilpersons Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc.  Trustee Klughers is also involved in a new way of directly delivering fish to restaurants instead of going to New York and back again called “Dock to Dish.”



Representative Tim Bishop is up for re-election again.  Every two years, according to the US Constitution, a representative to the Congress must stand for re-election. This year it is Bishop’s turn.  So the local Democratic committee people of District One in NYS must go out gather signatures of registered Democrats only.  With clipboards in hand bearing the familiar green petitions, each East Hampton committee person was required to gather 20 signatures on their petition  from their own district.  That might sound like an easy task, but not in February and early March of this year when snowbirds had not yet returned.  Many a committeemen found themselves scouring their districts to find Democrats in residence.  Perseverance paid off as Bishop, a local Southampton boy, will be our candidate, freeing him to work on issues of great importance to locals like Montauk beaches, coastal erosion in general, the plight of our veterans, managing Long Island power dilemma and the Affordable Care Act, to name just a few.

Representative Tim Bishop will celebrate his birthday at a party in his honor at the home of Linda James on Hook Pond in East Hampton on Saturday, June 7th from 4 to 6 pm.  This yearly traditional get-together has a dual purpose as it is also a fundraiser for Tim’s campaign for re-election.  On hand will be Howard Dean, former chair of the national Democratic Party and presidential candidate, wishing the congressman well.